Courageous. Foolhardy. Salty.


For Caroline, being on the water is certainly the thing she loves best. Normally that water is the river and rowing has been part of her life since joining Eton Excelsior Rowing Club (EERC) in the mid 1980s. Her parents might have described her as a feisty teenager; they hoped that her ability to shout, desire to be in control and competitive nature might be harnessed through rowing and she is still ploughing up and down the Thames nearly forty years later!

Thames Hospice is a charity close to her heart as she lost her mum to cancer in the early 90s.  She was only 51 years of age and spent quite a lot of time talking about the things she would love to do when she retired – she never lived to realise many of those ambitions, hence Caroline’s ‘why wait’ attitude to life and her desire to seize every opportunity. As a parent and a teacher Caroline always encourages young people to think big, be ambitious and to believe that hard work and dedication brings success: what better way to demonstrate this than to row across the Atlantic!