Courageous. Foolhardy. Salty.


Rachel is best described as ‘not an indoor cat’ and is most at home running up big hills or on the water, whether rowing or coaching. She began rowing following a move to Portsmouth from North East Scotland when she found herself missing trail and hill running and needing a new outlet. Rowing was the perfect home for her competitive spirit and she quickly fell in love with the sport. She joined Eton Excelsior Rowing Club (EERC) in 2016 and completed her coaching qualification in 2019. While rowing takes up most of her life, she does have a day job as a Civil Servant and hopes her project management skills will help with planning the row. 

Rachel has been Captain of EERC since 2018 and as a coach focusing on junior athletes and those new to sport often hears people talking about what they can’t do and limiting themselves before they even start. Rowing the Atlantic represents both the culmination of a very personal goal, and an opportunity to encourage people to change their perspective on what’s possible.